WAITING SOUL (A poem written by Oludare praise; an SS2 student of Aanu Oluwa progressive college, Ifaki -Ekiti)


Seeking and waiting like a tender child

Crying and longing like the suckling

Hoping and wailing like the deserted

Searching and praying like the man in the belly of a whale

Such heart asks without an answer

Such soul seeking without   yielding

Such mind in the dark without the visiting shadow of the sun

Such mind feeble but strong in outward covering of flesh 

But faith still anchors hope

There is always light at the other end of the tunnel

There is always a greeting by the sun with the light of visitation in the morning

There is always an oasis in the desert

There is always strength in weakness

When the lord descends like a ballistic missile

Joy flows like a stream

Lake turns to a river

The ranging  sea  keeps calm

The blizzards arrested

The Lord shall come for u


A Message to the waiting souls

Please share and comment. Happy new year in advance

Anticipate for " the Vacuum".

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