Graduating as a first-degree holder comes with a lot of expectations in Nigeria even though the system here is choky; there are various opportunities that young graduates and prospective ones could explore after graduating irrespective of the grade they come out with.  In quest of what becomes the fate of our fresh, young, and versatile Nigerian undergraduate, findings show that any Nigerian first-degree holder may dabble into one or two of the MMMM at a time. 

Below is what the MMMM stands for and how graduates can explore them


This is a post-graduate degree program that a first-degree holder can explore. One could further in his or her academic pursuit by enrolling for a Master of Science degree in any Nigerian or foreign university. There are also many federal and state government scholarship programs for prospective master's students.  A Master's degree can be leverage for any young graduate, although here in Nigeria, several master's degrees and even Ph.D. holders are under-employed and some are riding Okada on our highways. A passionate person will see beyond the box and still go for gold. Under normal conditions, ceteris paribus, a master degree should be less than 3 years but there is always a general impediment to be considered, that is the strike in our universities.  You are eager to know the second M right, take a deep breath, and relax.


Most Nigerian graduates having certificates of medical-related and biological courses can pursue their said passion which is medicine and surgery. Most of the graduates in this category might have put in for medicine and surgery but were given other but related courses. If medicine and surgery is one’s passion, one can still pursue this, most time, the pursuit may not be unconnected to honor and money. I don’t actually think there is money in medicine, my personal opinion though.


 Yoruba do call it “owo”, the Hausas will call it “Kudi” and to our Igbo brothers “Eego”. Most  Nigerian youth graduates would say that the main reason why they are in school is actually to make money. Most of such set people do think little of academics and are usually the young entrepreneur while on campuses. Some graduates can also during or after that a year compulsory national service can either dabble into business or learn a skill. A lot of businesses can be explored, ranging from buying and selling to legal online businesses. Researches have also shown that most graduates with third class degree or pass become not only successful but influential businessmen and women. Instead of using your first and second class to look for the scarce white-collar job, bring that your great brain into that blue-colored business and be successful. The act of faith determines fates. God is on your side.


In some days ago, the news was circulating that some corps members about to pass out got married. Marriage is delightful but must be entered into with care and prayers. A young and fortunate graduate can go into marriage and have a Godly home established. Marriage is great and good but must be entered in preparation for the great expectations

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QUESTION OF THE DAY:  should a teen about to enter tertiary institution pursue PASSION, VISION, OR MONEY considering or in relation to the choice of course to put in for? Write your comment and suggestion.  WATCH OUT FOR passion, vision, and money: Contradiction of opinions by Bro. Bolu. 


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