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 Following the unexpected hike in the school fees of the prestigious university of medical science Ondo city, Ondo State Nigeria. The alumni body of the school has made its position known on the matter. Here is the word of the  president; Mr. Olumide Richard               

"The UNIMED Alumni Association's view on the University closure.

The situation in Unimed has been seriously concerning to the Alumni. How are we supposed to be smiling when it appears our mother institution is retrogressing due to lack of funds?

Firstly, as graduates (Alumni) of the University, several members of the Alumni body complained they would not have been able to graduate if the fees was this huge during their studentship. I know this implies that current students of the University might not be able to sustain their studentship with the current fees. This is a very sad situation and of course a painful one.

The economy of the country and state is currently experiencing hard times. However, our government should extend more helping hands to our University. Insufficient help will put pressure on the management, whom will have "no choice" but put pressure on the students and parents. No one wants an organization they are governing to fail. Lack of funds have been implicated as the leading cause of organization crumble, hence, the management will have to source for funds.

However, the management should explore other options in raising funds for the University. Such options includes research grants, university businesses and partnerships. Personally, I believe UNIMED  is one of the universities with the most intelligent and hardworking staff. As a specialized medical institution, these staff can win various grants for the University. They can solve problems and simultaneously bring in revenue.

Finally, I want to appeal to Medites, student bodies, and parents, to employ restraints so that this situation is solved amicably. UNIMED had a reputation for being a University with unbroken academic calendar, apparently, it has been broken. Let's NOT further replace good records with bad ones by damaging school properties or threatening the management. We will all smile at the end of this ordeal,  you can be assured of that.

Dear Medites, remember that good students will make good alumni, remember the children of whom you are. The brightness in the future is us.

Thank you all"  

As written and signed by the president.


According to the president, this was made to commemorate the 2nd year anniversary of the body and to break silence on the notions of people in some quarters that the alumni body has been totally silent.



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