A Young Nigerian man by the name: Michael Olughu has shared his story of how he started as a son of a poor church worker to becoming a scholar in Scotland. He shared his story to encourage the Nigerian youths not to be distracted from the focus. Michael shared this story on his linked in page. Here are his words:
"I remembered the past; of a lowly beginning with thousand memories, of a life-changing story, of the last difficulty that deflowered the midnight innocence, and of great people whose philanthropy made my journey to this new home a reality. This nostalgia brings me closer to the reality of being in a new home that is away from the old one. With tall buildings, cold weather, strange meals, stunning infrastructures, and white-colored faces, it seems that I am now living in another heaven on earth. This is about the new home that Papa would always describe to me in those good old days. I find it absolutely hard to forget about Papa's sacrifices towards my all-around growth as an individual. I was born and bred in Onitsha, located in Southeastern Nigeria. It was in this old home that I began the journey that saw me dwelling in this new one. Papa remains the best man of all seasons. He triggered the first step of this journey when he sent me to school despite his poor earnings as a church worker.
It was on a fateful Friday evening in September 4, 2020, that I heard about the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship from a good friend of mine, Uche. I met her in Odili Postgraduate Hall, Nsukka, where we resided as graduate students in those days. Being a former awardee of the Scholarship currently in Portugal, she encouraged me to apply for it with the confidence that I might become one of the lucky applicants in the world. This was how I made the first scholarship application ever in my life. At exactly 6:06pm (Nigerian time) on Friday, April 9, 2021, I received an email that proved to me that God's mercy endures forever. It was like a dream until I got an official letter from the consortium that I have been awarded an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship (fully funded), sponsored by the European Union to embark on a 2 year International Master's degree program in Children's Literature, Media and Culture. Out of numerous applications from all over the world, we were three Africans (two Nigerians) that got selected in the aforementioned program. Throughout the program, I shall attend in the following Universities: (1) University of Glasgow, Scotland (2) Aarhus University, Denmark (3) Tilburg University, Netherlands and (4) University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada (for summer school) with huge benefits.
It is obvious that a journey of this nature always comes with its peculiar difficulty. I remembered how Papa, Mama, and siblings jumped up in utmost excitement when I broke the good news to them in our one-room apartment in Onitsha. That was on Sunday night, June 13, 2021. I felt their worries when I told them about the financial implication that is attached to my traveling to Scotland. Papa, mama, and my siblings supported me in all ramifications. I sincerely appreciate those great personalities who came to my rescue through their financial and moral supports. Finally, I am grateful to the Almighty God for blessing my efforts and for making me a star in my generation".
Don't give up on your dreams, work hard and pray. this piece is to encourage young Nigerian graduates on the possibilities and opportunities at their disposal


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