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The world and everything in it is a mystery, if you still doubt it, look around you and see the beauty of nature, look at the sky and see the natural but porous roofing sheet, imagine the thought of the creator when making it, see its placement. Look down and see the sands, stones and the slits. You are thinking that it is not a matter, nothing is special, it is just a product of something that came out of nothing right?, I will ask you a question, if you were the creator of the creatures (especially the earth and everything in it ), would you have created the earth as perfect as this with the level of yourself acclaimed wisdom? I am very sure you are speechless and you have nothing to offer, because the earth and everything in it are good and perfect before the maker.

Who could have been so perfect in wisdom? That the works of his hands reveal the wonders and mysteries of his thought, that the beauty and perfection of nature show the in-depth wisdom of his person. Who could have engineered the earth that the embellishments on the surface are still   mystery. The wonders in his being are revealed in the rotation and revolution of the earth, look at the sun, very hot right?

The discoveries of scientists, geographers, astrologers, the geophysicists only reveal the nature of the great maker. They discovered things about the sun in a concept called the “solar system”. The moon and galaxies of stars included, every other mysteries about the earth only reveal the nature of the creator, the jewels of his thoughts. Who then made the earth? Was it made from nothing? Did it come to be by breaking of the large egg? Probably from the eruption of something or there were forces that fashioned and constructed the earth in their laboratory?
I have heard some liberals, some free thinkers, some scientists, and atheist saying GOD does not exist. I guessed because they have discovered something about GOD. SEE THESE:

Your discoveries only reveal the marvels in GOD’S  thoughts

Your discoveries show how great the lord is

Your discoveries are pointers to a supreme being of God and the need to reverence Him

 Ever since the study of science started, ever since philosophy started, have you been able to create perfectly and exactly replica of the earth?

Science reveals Him but can’t and will not make Him less

 Your discoveries of some minute wonders of nature don’t show that you have found the secret of God. The secret of God is with those that love Him.

Science discoveries are little revelations about GOD, more is in Jesus

Science is meant to help us in all capacities and not a means to disproof HIS existence.

I am a scientist as well but science shouldn’t becloud us that we begin to doubt the existence of GOD. # Jesusised scientists. #End agnostic scientists


God looked at what he had made. All of it was very good.

By wisdom and knowledge, the lord created heaven and earth, by understanding he let the ocean break loose and clouds release the rain 

The lord has kept the heavens for Himself but He has given the earth to us human

He holds the deepest part of the earth in His and the mountain peaks belong to Him

The secret thing is of the lord, those he reveals are for us and our children children.

Our God says” CALM DOWN and learn that I am GOD. All nations on earth will honor me.

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