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The protracted strike embarked upon by the members of the academic staff union of universities (ASUU) was finally called off after reaching an agreement with the Nigerian. The umbrella body for universities’ academic staff argued that the struggle was necessary and justified following the inability of the Nigerian government to attend to various agitations, agreements and resolutions reached since 2009. Over the years, the different governments have also been lackadaisical to bearing the clarion calls to have a legacy that will make the Nigerian education sector especially the universities to be that which can stand out among comity of nations. The same attitude has always been the bane behind the woes of our health sector which Mr. Covid -19 revealed as shambolic and in a state of mess.

Remembering the sweet promises made before the 2015 general elections by the then opposition party whom some people believed to be better in opposition and criticism than in governance. One would have thought and imagined then by the loudness of their one voice then that by now, Nigeria would be insurgence free, that one dollar would be equivalent to one Naira or that the word of Babatunde Raji Fashola would have come to pass. Fashola insisted then that the problem(s) in the Nigerian power sector would be fixed within six months. Here we are, facing the realities of lies and mere political cajoling. Have will not be duped, raped, bewitched, enchanted, manipulated? Have we woken up to the realities of our daydreaming or we are still hoping to see the newness of the fading glory? In the democratic settings of Nigeria, lies have been the tool of the government; both past and present to cage us put us in a state of wonders, and constantly dribble us like the dead Maradona. 

Trust is a thing of the past in Nigerian democratic settings; the bar of connection between our political leaders and the masses which is trust has been broken. The issue is so barbaric to the extent that any honest stride a Nigerian political leader makes will be labeled such that politics, religion, culture, tribalism, and nepotism will be used to devalue and frustrate such move; this is not unconnected to the fact that we have been duped and raped, so many times in the past by the people in the helm of affairs in our nation. Therefore, people no longer trust the government, even one socio-political analyst on one of my favorite radio stations once said and I quote “if a Nigerian politician tells you that good morning, let your response to him be good evening”. Do you know why? Because virtually all are pathological liars 

The memorable and passing year 2020 has been a year full of waves, storms, revelations, surprises, part of which are the ravaging COVID-19 and the controversial Lekki shootings at peaceful protesters. When the first wave of coronavirus disease blew into Nigeria, which caused the total lockdown enforced by the government, many Nigerians especially the common men never believed that the deadly viral disease was in Nigeria. Some even labeled it as political coronavirus fabricated in order to siphon our wealth from our commonwealth. Many said figures of cases recorded and presented by the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) were cooked up to feed us with their lies, the way they use to do. Could that be the case? The mass looting of items meant for COVID-19 palliatives that were kept in some quarters leaves us with big questions begging for answers.

The second wave of COVID-19 is here again with us which we must collectively fight together. We must observe social distancing, wear our nose or face masks, avoid large gatherings of people, maintain proper hygiene by washing our hands, avoid handshaking if possible, report any person showing signs of COVID -19 symptom, let us adhere to the directives of our government. The government on the other hand must be truthful, accountable, and honest to ensure that people can have trust in them again. COVID-19 is real. Be your brother’s keeper and stay safe. Happy new year to you in advance. #BRINGBACK THE TRUST (BBTT)

Written by Oluwafunmbi.

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