The belief about epilepsy like other similar diseases in most tribes in Nigeria and Africa as a whole has not been totally different. Most tribes and various cultures believe that epilepsy is a strange disease caused by the anger of their gods. Many believe the disease strikes when one or one’s parent or a family member has offended the gods. While this belief cannot be totally discarded or disproved one needs to over and over again think that can it be all spiritual.

The myth about epilepsy is still very strong in African culture, probably because Africans are religious people. Even the Bible confirms that physical manifestations of diseases may not unconnected to spiritual negotiations, just as God in the Bible struck different people at a different time with strange diseases because of their sins and inactions. Even at this, it is very pertinent to serially look deeply and critically into what science says about epilepsy and to judge if the revelations of the researches and books of medical science are fallible. 

Science had been a great tool of change, civilization, and disbelief in some quarters. The plus of science to our society cannot be over-emphasized in which one of them is the discovery of preventions, cures, and remedies to various serial killer diseases. Science, from my own personal view, has done more good than an evil to us. Medical science has defined, explain, debunked some beliefs about some myths about some diseases. Science has exposed the deep secrets about some pestilence,  a great, mighty and influential king was killed by malaria then just because people were ignorant of the cause, the cure to this. Years after his death, it was discovered that he actually died of malaria. The ignorant of the ignoramus can make them ignore knowledge and wisdom.

Epilepsy, as I stated earlier, may not be totally unconnected to the spiritual influences, negotiations, and consequences, but medical science has a point to prove. Epilepsy is regarded as the disorder of the brain function characterized by recurrent seizures that have a sudden onset. Epilepsy is characterized by uncontrolled excessive activity of either part or all of the central nervous system. A person who is predisposed to epilepsy has an attack when the basal level of excitability of the nervous system (or any part of the brain susceptible to an epileptic state) rises above a certain critical threshold. How is the threshold known? It is known by the knowledge of the brain wave. Brain wave is the electrical recording of the pattern of waves depicting a certain activity of the brain. This can be monitored by the procedure of electroencephalography (EEG).

The understanding of EEG shows that epilepsy is not far-fetched from the body. The brain being a crucial organ that serves as the control center for the body, it controls all other physiological functions of the body. Epilepsy may be idiopathic (it may not be as a result of brain structural damage). A seizure may be generalized or partial depending on the part of the brain where the hyperactivity occurs.

We are calling it a day here, more are loading on the types of epilepsy and what should be peoples’ disposition to seizure. Thanks. Please send your comment, displeasure, or latest update(s) on any of the information mentioned here. Health is wealth, they say, please take care of your health


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