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TRUE LIFESTORY: My Journey from car wash to bagging Degree in Engineering

 A young man has shared his touching but encouraging story of how he started washing car to fulfill the long awaited dream of becoming an engineer.

Here is the full 

THE FIRST ENGINEERING GRADUATE IN MY HOME! After my Dad's accident in 2011 that led to the dropout of my 2 elder siblings, I was traumatized if going to school was achievable. As a young boy in Junior Secondary school, I witnessed a transition from Abundance to lack as all our properties were sold to save Dad's life. After Secondary school, I knew I wanted to attend the best Engineering University in Nigeria, the vision was clear even when the money was not there, I took 2 years off. I worked as a primary school teacher during the day (7am-2pm) and retired to the car wash during the evening hours(5pm-7pm). My weekends were the busiest, I worked in a car wash from 7am-7pm (Saturdays & Sundays), each time I wash these cars, I remind myself that I don't belong here, I cried many times due to the scorching sun, cuts on my hand, getting underpaid and I told God to help me. Fortunately, I was admitted to study Electrical Electronics Engineering at the Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO) in 2015. My parents and siblings were so happy for me but life didn't get easier, I did part-time jobs to cope. Each semester break, I go home continue washing cars. I did this even 3 years as an undergraduate and it was tough. My colleagues (who didn't go to school) at the Car wash mocked me, they said I'm deceiving them that I was in the university, they told my customers that I lied and I'm a bad boy, they even nicknamed me "I dey school", It was terrible, I was utterly broken, I was discriminated. With the cuts on my hands and the pain of the salty sweat entering my eyes, I cried to God to help me complete my undergraduate degree. Today, I'm happy that I'm an Engineering Graduate, the first in my home, I've made my family and friends super proud. I can gladly go to that Car wash and tell my colleagues that I'm done with school and my God is not Dead. I finished with a Second Class Honors (upper division) and while in the university, I led over 11 teams, built an Event Company from scratch, established a Charity Foundation (Did Food Drive programs because I know what it means to have nothing), bagged 10 Awards, Won competitions and Prizes, Organized a TEDx event that trended in my school, volunteered in over 18 organizations, passed 80 examinations and got featured thrice in a newspaper. Take a look at my picture and see the smile on my face, it's a smile of victory, I pray this gown unlocks future degrees and celebrations. You see, God didn't fail me, I know he won't fail you too. This story is to inspire you to focus on your dreams and stay True to God. God kept to His words.


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