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Children's day celebration: children and sexuality

With the recent happenings among the female children, from rape to sexual acts by consent including lesbianism with the Chrisland school saga. It shows the decadence of values in our society. A week ago, a 13-year-old girl was found pregnant but she didn't know who impregnated her. But I will tell you the truth, she was raped by someone nearby and threatened not to report it. When Doctors conducted tests on her they found she was not a virgin meaning someone had been sexually abusing her.

Just yesterday another story of 13 year old who was staying with her uncle was found raped and killed. Listen, If a man can remove the diaper of a 6-day-old baby clamp the baby's feet and rape her what would stop such a man from raping a 13-year-old little girl?

The quicker we realize that we are living in a rotten society with so much decadence every place the better for our girls. Even at school and sometimes mosques and churches, they are raped by male teachers, students, and religious leaders as well. Even at home, the girls are raped by brothers, uncles, fathers, grandfathers, nephews, and male workers.

Worse it is even at the police station, where the girls are raped right there by male police officers. My job is to alert you and tell you things as I see them and witness them on the ground.

The truth is that a girl child is not safe anywhere so what should we do as parents to help our little girls. Teach our girls to dress decently. Naked dresses should be avoided by mothers, sisters, aunties, maids, mentors, and our daughters. Teach our girls to fear the night because that's when most predators lurk around and wait for their victims.

Teach our girls what is inappropriate behavior so that they know when someone is touching them wrongly. Seriously teach our girls some defense mechanisms that have helped several girls

Sex education is very important for our girls. Let a girl child or even boy child know that PRIVATE PARTS are not to be touched or played with, let them understand that nobody is to see their private parts unless their husbands or wives. Teach your little girls not to be trusted around men of any nature. This teaching should be out of wisdom

When I was growing up, I wondered why my mother would make my sister wear underwear or wrap herself in a scarf when my uncles and father were at home, it is now that I realize that our mothers have always known from generations that even family members rape, defile and sexually abuse the girl child.

We girls in my family dress properly at home without exposure thinking that our male family members are just family. Help protect others from temptations. Don't be careless and trusting for as we speak some mothers are still stitching the wounds of their little girls.

Don't be that woman who hides such disgusting acts under a carpet to save your marriage or family; think about that broken girl child.

As a man, don't be that man who undresses in front of an a10-year-old girl and without the dastardly act.

Don't be that neighbor who knows that abuses are happening in a particular house and you close your ears to the cries of a girl child. Don't be that Police Officer who takes bribes and allows the perpetrators of child sexual abuse to walk away free. it looks simple until your little girl is affected.

Be vigilant and don't make your child one of the Year 2022 & beyond statistics. Let parents practice the fear of the Lord and how they must not do anything to offend so that the girl child can know how the love and fear of  God are practiced. No one, I repeat no one can protect the girl child more than you the mother, the auntie, the cousin, the sister.



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