POEM :A Video or a voodoo? The rhymes for a nation

 When making VOWS, they were VOCAL like a VOCALIST to silence any VOCIFEROUS opponent. We Gave them our VOTES, then they popped VODKA saying God has won (God win)........

Now that they have access to the VILLA beside our national VAULT, then the shockings warming up like VICTOR Ikpeba preparing for the game, the first shock came like a high tension wire having a measure of high VOLTAGE in VOLTS, a repay for our VOTES.

Any man raising his VOICE (like John in the desert) would be treated like a VILLAIN. Now the VOWS are gone, Rather than to take a humble bow, they will have a VINDICATION for their VILE policies

The VOWS are gone, now what we have is an increase in VAT, the VOWS are gone but VICES we see? Don't you think we need a VIADUCT? You can VET this, it is just a VIBE.

Is this a VIDEO or VOODOO?

Give your own view on this. 


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