. Education in Nigeria:A story of encouragement for the students

years ago, during my Primary School days, I was this serious and focus pupil, who always come as the first runner up of the class.

Then, after my primary school, we relocated to our home state and needed a secondary to further my education.

Then, everyone around me began to talk about a very popular public secondary school in Ado-Ekiti. My parents opted for the school.

My academics and morals then began to deteriorate.

I would lavish my transport fare and joyfully trek about 5km back home looking filthy and unclean. 

Every last day of the term was always a bad day for me because of my result. 

My result sheets will always be filled with numerous red inks [almost half of the sheets]. 🤣🤣🤣

Then after my Junior secondary school, my parents withdrew me and took me to Apostolic Faith Secondary School, Egosi-Ile, Kwara State. {Afss Egosi}

There, my life had a total turnaround positively.

My morals, academics that had suffered and deteriorated began to revitalize because of the teachings and moral instructions. 

This isn't a school that pampers or gives mark to students, rather, they instill academic, moral, and spiritual excellence. 

During WASSCE for SSS 3 students, there's no aid whatsoever for the students, everyone is on his/her own with enough physical distance. And this was no exception during my set's WASSCE which most of us, made our results in a sitting. 

External supervisors are always reluctant to come to the school because they don't get to receive bribe and only get to eat sumptuous meals. 🤣🤣🤣

Last night, I saw the advert of the school and I had mixed feelings and reminisce on the impact the school made in my life. 

Quite disheartening, many of our secondary schools are in the habit of organizing special aids and answers for students during WASSCE.

Even some parents and guidance look up to this special aids for their wards, in turn creating more obstacles for the academic journey of their wards.

To every parents and guidance who desire quality education for their wards, I hope you make conscious effort in seeking after schools  with reputable records which will help instill moral and academic excellence in younger generations. 

And to anyone who has lost hope in one thing or the other who needs revitalization in any sphere of life, I pray you get the needed encouragement and courage to get back on your feet.


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